Open Question to individual of MARS

What was the top one or two major actions that you took in the past 12 months in order to develop yourself? How did you identify the area(s) for improvement? What feedback did you receive?

Well, in my opinion, practice is more the essential thing than only having class in college. So from the first day I enter the university, I did as much Part-time job as I possibly can. I think this is kind of reason that directly lead to my low GPA. But anyway, Pretty fortunately, I got the chance and became an internship of the Lenovo company last month. As a multinational and world famous IT company, Lenovo has even become one of the top Sponsors (the only one in IT field) of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. During the time I work in lenovo Guangzhou branch for about half month, my job was to help my marketing department colleagues to hold the Activities associated with the torch relay in Guangzhou on May 7 and Shantou on May 10. Through this very short intern career, I learn how to cooperate with my colleagues, prepare anything we need, arrange the volunteers. Everything we did only for one reason: to assure everything will work out 100% OK the day when the torch comes. The work was difficult, we even sacrificed our time to eat and sleep. but when the day finally came, we saw everything was just be our way, everything was under our control, we just simply smile, we can go to bed tonight!

I did many Part-time jobs, but it was the first time that I became a formal internship in an exciting IT company! I felt great glorios. Through this experience, I learn how to communicate with different people, even sometimes people present not be very cool, so I learn tolerance too. As a volunteer leader, I learn how to express myself concisely and efficiently. I used everything I got in school and put them into actions, and I receive others respect.

What feedback did I receice? well, I have to say, to be honestly, I don’t know. I did not mean that I receive nothing, but as everybody know, learning is a gradual process, you can’t tell what you received through an special event. you got it and learn it and finally used it later on unconsciously. That’s what I believe!


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