Happy birthday to myself. 21 years old now.

Thanks XiaoQiong, Doanly, XiaoYao, ChaoQiong, PingXuan, ShangShang and you who still remember my birthday. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate that you all. Welcome to my life! The greates harvest of my life is being your friend.


2 months later is Christmas day, and no sooner will comes 2008. Life is short, time and tide wait for no man, who knows how many birthday can he celebrate. So we must enjoy evry minutes you have in your life, no hesitation, no depravation and no regret.

Love yourself, enjoy life!


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One thought on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

  1. Happy birthday to you~~~
    late for your 21 birthday wishes,
    but I will stay in your "short  life",
    Time and tide wait for no man,
    I believe you is the man who can catch the time in you life.

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