No More Sorrow

Last night we had a get-together in HeYuan. It’s an annual traditional party for our zengcheng men…I and my roommate(he aslo a zengcheng men)went. But at last I found I had lost my passion. Why? All because I am a sophomore?

I remember that night last year, I talk to anybody I found was interesting and of course, I get some pretty girl’s phone number. Since I am a new guy by than, everything seems so novelty to me.

But now, all my enthusiasm had gone.

I became a pessimist from a optimist.

This day I had a very hard time in thing how far my future is. It used to just in front of me but now it seems that I am going the opposite way and I will never reach it. I spent no time in my courses, I hate Infinitesimal calculus, functions and the equations now I am learning. It’s so boring and the teacher is not a bit rubbish.

I am not learning what I am interested in. But also I can’t find what I really interested in. I just wasted all my time in doing others, others of no help for me.

I am sorry to my parent. They raise me up and struggle earning every coin to sent me to school. I always be their pride.I am the only child in the family and I am not a kid yet, as a men, I shoud take on some things call responsibility. My parent are getting oldder, they can no longer earn, no longer help me. It’s my own life, I live not only for myseft, but also for my dear mother and father. I love them, as they do so…Forever.

Live for a better future…


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