The Science of Sleep



…Tonight, I will show you how dreams are prepared. People think it’s a very simple and easy process…but it’s a bit more complicated than that. As you can see, a very delicate combination of complex ingredients is the key. First, we put in some random thoughts. And then we add a little bit of reminiscences of the day…mixed with some memories from the past. That’s for two people. Love, friendships, relationships, and all those “ships“…together with songs you heard during the daythings you saw and also… personal.

The Science of Sleep(《恋爱梦游中》)


  • 2011-08-21 小余路 2552-2573 (0)
    2552. 今天早上踩自行车到了白云山脚,only to find 自行车不能上山,只好囧兮兮地又蹬回来了…… August 14, 2011 at 2:32pm 2553. […]
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    “公主,上车。” “嗯。” “公主,谁是王子?” “你啊!” “为什么?” “因为你会骑车。” …… 幸福,这么近又那么远。   番禺的大夫山森林公园,清幽的 […]
  • 2012-05-02 五月の路 (0)
      这是每次回家路过时都很有感觉的一条路。   回家的感觉很好,特别是早上睡醒觉打电话回家说中午回去吃饭,然后我觉得我的假期恐惧症就解决了。一直以来,我都被周末午晚 […]
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      每年11月中旬开始,韶关南坪的银杏就开始变黄,网上宣传其为秋天的童话。上上周,从广州出发,412公里,历时4个多小时到达南雄,再转车南坪,在当地过了一晚,第二天醒来空气异常清 […]

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